Scherzo, Op. 83

by Louie Madrid Calleja



Inspired by began with one named Maryam.

Scherzo – “joke”(as in the scoffing sarcastic type, not the jovial)

It is an exploration of aggression that remains unspoken and intensifies over time as a result of clinging to a series of ideas and views that is contrary to how ultimate reality is. The piece can be viewed as the physical manifestation of that aggression or as images created by papañca (Pali, “mental proliferation").

It’s structure is a fugato in fantasia form and is unified by two ideas – an ascending eighth-note motif of the opening fanfare and the first three notes of the fugatto subject.


released December 3, 2006
Northdale Concert Band
Prof. Stephen Chenette (conductor)



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Louie Madrid Calleja Toronto

Born and raised in the Republic of the Philippines, Louie came to Canada in 1988. His composition teachers include the late James Tenney and David Mott.

His music has been performed by artists such as Measha Brueggergosman and groups such as the Volga Band , the Continuum Ensemble, and Puellae Orantes Girls Choir.

He is a member of the CBA (Ontario) and the Canadian League of Composer
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