In Memoriam, Op. 81

by Louie Madrid Calleja



Inspired by Danuta Dramowicz, and dedicated to the memory of Bob MacLean.

In late 2005 the Northdale Concert Band lost one of its most dedicated and loyal member, tuba player Bob MacLean. I was approached shortly after and asked to write a piece to honour him. I wanted to create a piece that would not only mourn and honour the dead but would also console and comfort the serve as a reminder that although the loss of someone can be a painful one, death should not be viewed as an end but as a beginning.

It is unified by two elements:

1. A three-note topos (Ab-G-D in measure 2), and
2. The Introitus of the Requiem Mass (taken directly from the Liber Usualis) - the phrase "Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine" (Eternal rest grant unto them, oh Lord) is indicated in the score.

The piece opens with a canon that leads to a short lament. A fantasia dominates the middle part of the piece with a fragment of the chant. The full chant is heard in the trumpets against a running counter-melody in the bass. At the final section the topos is transformed thereby giving the piece a feeling of hope - redemption from the dark feeling of loss.


released April 9, 2006
Northdale Concert Band
Dr. Gillian MacKay (conductor)



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Louie Madrid Calleja Toronto

Born and raised in the Republic of the Philippines, Louie came to Canada in 1988. His composition teachers include the late James Tenney and David Mott.

His music has been performed by artists such as Measha Brueggergosman and groups such as the Volga Band , the Continuum Ensemble, and Puellae Orantes Girls Choir.

He is a member of the CBA (Ontario) and the Canadian League of Composer
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